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A Keynesian Case for a Basic Income

The Roosevelt Institute has a new policy paper out calling for a Universal Basic Income. I have not read the full paper. I did read the summary. It claims using Keynesian Macroeconomics that a UBI funded by deficit spending would grow … Continue reading

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Free Money in the Age of Trump

Donald Trump is on the way to the White House, and Republicans will hold both houses of Congress. Seems like grim times for those who want free money from the government — unless you are a military contractor. Right? Maybe … Continue reading

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Approximating Reparations

In the spirit of Martin Luther King Day, I recommend that all who have not already done so read Ta-Hehisi Coates The Case for Reparations. It is grim reading at times, but a must read for those in denial. What … Continue reading

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Before You Consider a For-Profit College

For profit college is conceivably a good idea. The non-profit colleges have expensive emphasis on fancy architecture, student life, political correctness, research, and maintaining traditions that go back to the Middle Ages. Strip away the cruft and focus on teaching … Continue reading

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Your Questions Here

Any questions about what you read on the main site? Was I confusing? Incomplete? Is there an article I should have written but haven’t? Ask your questions in the comments area below. I will keep an eye on this post … Continue reading

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Yet Another Free College Site

Check out, a collaboration between MIT, Berkely and Harvard. The courses are free and they do provide some certification should you complete the work successfully. Not the same as a real diploma, but…

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More Cheap Education

Another place to look at for cheap education: Udemy. Some of the classes require payment. Quite a few are free. As for the quality, I leave that to you to figure out for now. Maybe I’ll check out a course … Continue reading

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I’ve talked about the importance of free money to various groups: seniors, college students, the unemployed, etc. But what about the benefits to those paying out the money, the net taxpayers? We need to get some of them on board, … Continue reading

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The Welfare Cliff

The American Enterprise has a great short article with graphic showing the huge penalties a working single mother can experience as her income increases. According to the article/graphic, this single mother is better off making $29000 in gross income than … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth of July!

For all the U.S. readers, I hope you are having a happy Independence Day. As you gather in crowds to celebrate, please be kind to any politicians trying to get their message out. Political solicitation is the price we pay … Continue reading

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