Free Money Benefits

Free money for all obviously benefits the poor: the unemployed, the eco-hippies, the low wage workers, etc. But what about the rest of the nation? Even if everyone gets free money, somebody must pay more in taxes than they get back. It’s simple math. That somebody is more than the ultra-wealthy elite. You cannot shout “We are the 99%, and we demand free money!” and expect to get it.

We need to show net taxpayers – including conservative Republicans – that there is something in it for them. And so on the pages in this section I shall present reasons for net taxpayers to support replacing need-based welfare and our convoluted tax system with unconditional free money for all adult citizens.

I’ll start with families. Do you know any social conservatives? Know anyone who supports Focus on the Family? Have them read Benefits for Families. Perhaps the biggest benefit to making government money unconditional is that it would restore family values. The Republican Party needs the religious conservatives; they are the party’s main source of votes from the lower working classes. (You cannot win elections with just the country club vote.) If the Focus on the Family crowd or similar groups were to get behind the free money idea, we would see action – soon.

Restore the family and you also reduce crime. Rumor has it Republicans don’t like crime all that much. Neither do the swing voters who vote Republican when crime gets above tolerable levels. We can expect some Democratic politicians to get behind the idea as a kinder gentler way to fight crime and hold onto those swing votes – once they understand the logic. Spread the word.

More benefits to come. Over the next few weeks I hope to document the benefits for small businesses, employers in general, taxpayers, senior citizens and even environmentalists. Stay tuned.