Before You Consider a For-Profit College

For profit college is conceivably a good idea. The non-profit colleges have expensive emphasis on fancy architecture, student life, political correctness, research, and maintaining traditions that go back to the Middle Ages. Strip away the cruft and focus on teaching motivated students who want to learn career skills, and you should be able to provide a practical education at a lower cost and still make a tidy profit.

But MBA types are driven to maximize profits, and sometimes this leads to taking moral shortcuts. Read carefully this article before considering a for-profit school.

Then, if a for-profit school still looks promising, be sure to do some research:

  • Have you verified with potential employers that they do indeed hire from the college you are considering?
  • Have you investigated their graduation rate? Are they recruiting students who aren’t up to the task?
  • Are you truly prepared for the degree program you are considering?
  • Do you have adequate study time? A career and/or kids can do bad things to your GPA.

If you need to takes some remedial coursework first, seriously consider your local community college or the many free online courses available. (And for some of you, your local community college is a better value, period.)

Shop carefully.