Free Money in the Age of Trump

Donald Trump is on the way to the White House, and Republicans will hold both houses of Congress. Seems like grim times for those who want free money from the government — unless you are a military contractor. Right?

Maybe not!

For all his bluster and political incorrectness, The Donald is far to the left of recent Republican offerings. His platform resembles that of a Democrat prior to the rise of the McGovernites. His nativism is labor unionism with a veneer of nationalism. To build a wall is to enforce a national picket line. Ditto for his talk on tariffs.

(Sidenote: I did not vote for Mr. Trump. He said way too many unacceptable things, and his campaign had an authoritarian vibe that I find chilling. Just trying to look at the bright side here.)

Trump’s plan for this country’s working-age poor is to raise the market minimum wage, so you don’t need the free money — maybe.

But there are logistical problems. Expelling millions of illegal workers will require police state tactics. “Your papers please” must become the rule of the land. The militia types would go nuts if a Democrat tried such a plan. The government could appease the militia types by using profiling — asking for papers for those who look foreign. This, of course, would violate the rights of millions of legal citizens.

Free money for all provides a human rights compatible solution. If you make the tax code flat at the bottom and provide a dividend check to all adult citizens, you make it difficult for visitors to tap into the U.S. welfare state without resorting to ugly police state tactics. Foreigners who are net taxpayers can stay. No need for quotas.

Instead of bureaucratic quotas to determine who can work here, we get:

  • Those who have skills we really need here, and thus get paid enough to justify paying the higher tax rate.
  • Those who are willing to do jobs that citizens truly don’t want to do, and thus get paid enough that after tax income is still worth coming here.
  • True refugees who would rather be poor here than persecuted there.
  • Those who have family here that are willing to provide enough support that no dividend is needed.

So, if you want to avoid a human rights nightmare, or simply want free money, pass along the idea to your nearest Trump supporters.