How to Get Your Free Money

The experts know: the government should be giving out unconditional largesse instead of making people jump through hoops to get their fair share. Do an academic search on Basic Income Guarantee and you get plenty of hits. See this section of the Wikipedia article on the minimum wage to see how close we came to free money back in the late 60s and early 70s. Prominent economists from the socialistic Paul Samuelson and John Kenneth Galbraith to the extreme free market Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek have endorsed the idea. The experts get it.

Flow chart for getting free money for everyone

I’d like to say just call up your friendly federal politician and tell him or her you want a Basic Income Guarantee. You politician will then consult the experts who will say “Well duh, Senator! You should have done it a half century ago!” Your senator and representatives will then meekly set about dismantling needless bureaucracy and you should start getting your monthly checks sometime next year.

Yeah right! The moment Congress starts seriously discussing a Basic Income Guarantee Tea Parties will be protesting in the street. “How dare you give out money to the undeserving?” Meanwhile, pretentious pundits will go on TV saying, “The idea is simplistic. We need this 3000 page of legislation instead in order to make sure everyone is taken care of properly.”

Politicians, wanting to keep their jobs, will back away – unless we have a groundswell of support from The People. That means you. You need to wrap your mind around the ideas on this site. You need to tell your friends, your family, your coworkers and more about this site and the idea of free money for everyone.

I’m a mad scientist, not a man of the people. I cannot do this for you. I don’t feel your pain, I cannot work a crowd worth a toot, and after I give a speech the news commentators don’t swoon and gooble, “Oooooh! He said Change!”

And unlike the mad scientists you see in James Bond movies, I don’t have a billion dollar budget to work with. I don’t have a nuclear weapon to blackmail Washington with. I don’t have an orbital mind control laser to change public opinion. I don’t even have a decent ad budget. (And I certainly don’t have enough money to write checks to everyone who needs the money. Congress has the trillion dollar treasury, not me.)

All I can do is put the ideas out on the web and do the initial promotion. It’s up to you to learn ideas and spread them. Yes this is work, but so is filling out government forms and complying with the many conditions for government largesse. No pain, no gain.

I have written up articles describing the justifications and benefits of the idea for a wide range of voters: liberal, conservative and libertarian. I’ve also worked up some numbers. It’s your job to read or at least skim the arguments, and then spread the word. If anything here is too confusing or if you think I’m missing something, ask your questions here. I will do the best I can to clarify. Just keep in mind that I am a mad scientist, not a man of the people. Brain sweat may be required.

Tell everyone who cares about your particular plight how making government money unconditional would help you, while still leaving you an incentive to do what you can to help yourself. Send them to this site and/or make printouts of relevant articles to hand out. If you have a blog or Facebook account spread the word by those channels as well.

According my StatCounter stats, this site got around 200,000 visitors over the past year. With some bits of effort on your part, this could become 2,000,000. At that point we might have enough people to start making some significant noise to start getting talked about on the news or in the halls of Congress.

If that’s too much work for you, or if the wait is too long, then go fill out some government forms. The next step is up to you.